Chris Long was commissioned by the Chairman of Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 2000 to develop creative marketing strategies. During this time he took a keen interest in the emerging internet and online promotional techniques.

Since this time Chris Long has become fully conversant in web design and related technologies and has built websites, logo design, content management systems (CMS) and back-end designs for over 50 clients. He has placed all of his clients at the top of search engine rankings by using the very latest optimisation techniques. If you require a simple or complex website or just need search engine optimisation of your current site then please contact Chris Long here.

website development and optimisation

firefoxThe earthdive website and content management system (CMS) was designed and built by Chris Long. it uses an innovative google map interface to georeference observations made by users. The Global Dive Log presents this observational data in 30 geographic ecoregions. Each region has 5 indicator species in data sets managed through an extensive CMS. Human impacts are also recorded and all this data is presented for stakeholders in marine conservation (including partners UNEP-WCMC).

firefox Amita Patel commissioned Chris Long to produce a web marketing strategy for her business. Chris produced a website with interactive facebook page, twitter page and youtube channel. Chris undertook all image and video creation as well as website design, production and optimisation. Extensive use of social networking helped drive SEO and the resulting effect was to place at the top of google rankings for chosen keywords. Integration of social networks was key to its success.

firefox Peter Rayney Consulting commissioned Chris Long Marketing (CLM) to produce a website and blog for his tax consulting business. CLM undertook all design, image generation/sourcing and copyrighting. Asset presentation was structured by CLM to best present the consultancy services. A dynamic blog was developed along with a user-friendly back end to enable easy addition of weekly/daily blogs. The look&feel was developed incorporating existing logo and house style colours.