25 years of creating and managing cause-related projects has given Chris a broad range of specialist skills. Global projects, creative marketing programmes and entrepreneurial start-ups all require a whole raft of specialist skills. Buying in these skills can sometimes be prohibitive and the biggest barrier to entry for most major projects and start-ups.

Chris Long had to develop these skills himself in order to implement his own global projects. Management skills were learned acting as Director of a number of companies and as Chairman of a board of Trustees distributing millions of pounds. A natural creative talent was honed developing global event concepts and producing physical instruments for promotion and management of projects. Since the development of the internet and the fundamental need for project domains, websites and other interactive tools- across social network programmes and partner tie-ins - Chris learned HTML, XHTML, flash and video integration and has designed more than 50 websites for a variety clients.

consultancy services

Event creation and management

firefoxChris is highly experienced in event design and management. He was the founder and principal organiser of Sport Aid, Sport Aid 1000, MTV Satellite Jukebox, Fundatia Mondragon, The World's Longest Dribble and earthdive. Chris designed and developed all of these events to achieve specific mass participation objectives, fund raising and advocacy targets. He also set up the organising committees, administration networks and personnel to manage and implement the events on a global basis.


firefox Chris started fundraising in 1986 when he raised over $37m for Band Aid and UNICEF. Since he has developed other fundraising projects and events for a number of national and international charities. His specialist skills and creative talent enable him to create successful fundraising programmes and special events. A comprehensive range of experience and skills help to embrace all components of events including licensing, commercial income, donations and event merchandising.

Cause-related marketing

firefox Promoting causes has been the backbone to Chris Long projects since 1986. Raising awareness to causes as well as advocacy issues are as important as raising funds. Chris has developed marketing programmes to bring attention to a number of international issues. Earthdive is such a project. It maximises current stakeholder interests to draw global attention to pollution, overfishing, exploitation and anthropogenic pressures. Other projects have included UNICEF's 'silent emergency'.

Creative Marketing

firefox Chris has been commissioned by a number of companies (from Virgin Interactive Entertainment to Romanian Insurance company, Asigurae Mondragon) to develop and implement creative marketing strategies. Chris is able to review current marketing strategies and propose creative and effective marketing solutions. His ability to thoroughly understand objectives and 'think outside the box' offers unique and exciting marketing strategies for brands, individuals and corporates.

Digital Marketing

firefox Digital Marketing, social networks and push digital marketing technologies deliver content more effectively to consumer demographics. Chris Long has embraced these technologies over the past few years and is now highly conversant in their application and benefit. Chris has developed full digital marketing solutions for many of his clients including web solutions, social networks, video platforms, blogs and apps.. Chris has also created photo libraries and video channels for his clients.