Chris Long is an experienced marketing consultant. He specialises in cause-related projects and has raised over $50m for more than 20 international and national charities. He has also undertaken creative marketing assignments and acted as Marketing Director for a number of companies including Virgin Interactive, Panini Publishing, The English F.A. and Jordan Grand Prix.

As the creator and founder of many projects, Chris has developed a raft of technical skills. These include graphic design, web design and optimisation, project design and implementation, logistics management, project management and stakeholder management. All these skills were applied to create his current project - earthdive - a global project to support marine conservation.

current project

earthdive - a revolutionary concept in 'citizen science'

firefoxearthdive is a revolutionary new concept in 'citizen science' and a global research project for millions of recreational scuba divers. At the heart of this unique research project is the earthdive Global Dive Log - created and developed by Chris Long in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) and marine biologists from all over the world. Chris Long is the Founder and Director of earthdive.

The conservation of marine biodiversity is a vital issue of our age. By collecting valuable scientific data, earthdive’s citizen scientists will actually take part in a massive global effort to monitor and help conserve life on this planet.

Klaus Toepfer - Former Executive-Director
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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