Chris Long has created, managed and organised fundraising events on both a global and local scale. These events have raised funds and advocacy issues for a number of national and international charities working for children.

Since 1986, Chris has raised and distributed over £31m to the charities listed opposite. The Sport Aid event in 1986 took over a year to plan and 100 days to put together. It had 88 national country offices, a London HQ of 135 volunteer staff and over 18,000 volunteers worldwide. It mobilised 19.8 million runners in 89 countries and caused governments residing at the first UN Special Session on Africa, to cancel $150m of Africa's debts. Chris was founder, Chairman of the organising committee and Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

main charities

Band Aid Trust and UNICEF

firefoxChris Long founded and developed Sport Aid and the Race Against Time for Band Aid and UNICEF. The project was designed to bring pressure to bear upon governments worldwide as well as being a fundraising project. The Race Against Time was a 10km sponsored fun run staged in 272 cities in 89 countries. $37 million was raised on the day. It was staged on the eve of the first UN Special Session on Africa and the race was started outside the UN in protest. The following week governments cancelled $150m of Africa's debt

Save the Children

firefoxChris Long founded and designed the Sport Aid 1000 for Save the Children (STC), the British Red Cross (BRC) and UNICEF as well as other charities benefiting children. Many of these charities are listed opposite. STC received over £300,000. The British Red Cross received over £450,000 and UNICEF over £300,000. The balance of funds raised was distributed to specific charities and specific projects for children. All funds were distributed through a charitable trust chaired by Chris Long.

Youth Clubs UK

firefox The MTV Satellite Jukebox was conceived and organised by Chris Long for Youth Clubs UK and Youth clubs Europe. Commercial partners MTV Europe provided TV facilities and broadcast network to beam the party by satellite across their European footprint. Sponsors Radio Rentals supplied TV's and BSkyB (then British Satellite Broadcasting) provided satellite dishes. The project provided over £500,000 of equipment for youth clubs and gave them a mechanism for raising funds.

IAAF Foundation

firefox The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) partnered the Sport Aid 1000 project (founded and designed by Chris Long) and was also a part beneficiary of the funds raised by the project. Funds raised were distributed through the IAAF foundation and spent on projects that entirely benefited children in the UK and the developing world. A total of £134,000 was raised by the Sport Aid 1000 and subsequent 10 km fun run for the IAAF foundation. The project took place every sovereign territory in the world.

The Sports Aid Foundation

firefox Chris Long has raised £135,000 for the Sports Aid Foundation. The funds were used to establish a Sports Award Fund For Disabled Youngsters in the United Kingdom.