Chris Long is an experienced fundraiser, creative marketing consultant and web designer.

He started his career at ICI. He specialised in hydroponics and at just 21 years old helped set up a newco to manufacture systems to grow salad crops by the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). He moved to Athens in 1980 where he became Marketing Consultant for Dunlop Irrigation. He returned to the UK in 1984 and founded Sport Aid and the Race Against Time. The project went into the history books as the biggest mass participation project in history and raised $37m for Band Aid and UNICEF. Chris was honoured for Distinguished Service in the Cause of UNICEF and later joined the organisation in New York as a special consultant.

some of my projects

Sport Aid and the Race Against Time

firefoxSport Aid was a week long series of sporting events including Rugby 7's from Cardiff Arms Park; an Ice spectacular and International Gymnastics at Birmingham NEC and International Cricket at Edgebaston. During the week (19th - 25th May 1986) a lone Africa runner (Omar Khalifa) carried a torch from a refugee camp in Africa, to the doorstep of the United Nations where he lit a torch - the signal for people to run. Satellites connected all the races around the world and 19.5 million runners took part.

The Sport Aid 1000

firefox The Sport Aid 1000 was a 1,000m race held in schools in every country and sovereign territory in the world. Each country held regional finals and the two winners - a boy and girl from each country went to the United Nations building in New York and took up their country seats to protest against the 'Silent Emergency'. People all over the world ran 10k in support of their 'protest'. More than 20 million people took part in China alone and it was estimated that more than 40 million took part worldwide.

The MTV Satellite Jukebox

firefox The MTV Satellite Jukebox was a 12 hour dance party staged in youth clubs all across Europe. It was conceived and organised by Chris Long for Youth Clubs UK. Commercial partners MTV Europe provided TV facilities and the broadcast network to transmit the party across their European footprint. Sponsors Radio Rentals supplied TV's and BSkyB (then British Satellite Broadcasting) provided satellite dishes. It was a unique project that gave youth clubs much needed equipment, profile and a substantial fund raising platform.

Racing for Ireland

firefox Racing for Ireland was designed as a commercial mechanism for harnessing Irish support for the Eddie Jordan Formula One team. Developed by Chris Long it became an international supporters club, embracing supporters in 37 countries. A supporters club pack including data sheets on the team, race track guides, driver biographies, car technical specs., branded pens, caps, bumper stickers and branded badges - all designed and produced annually by Chris Long Marketing (CLM). The club was also administered by CLM.

The World's Longest Dribble

firefox Chris Long developed an interactive rebound wall as a soccer training aid. In partnership with the English F.A. he installed 1,000 walls in primary schools across England. Under license with the F.A. and the England player pool, full size England player graphics were added to the playing surfaces along with targets to stimulate practice and training. Later in the programme he created "the world's longest dribble" with children from English schools taking part in a rebound wall marathon 'dribble'.